About Us

We are a pocket-sized store, nestled into the corner of Addington Coffee Co-op, in Christchurch, NZ.  

Our story started in 2011, after the Christchurch Quakes. Our space was originally a wee office sectioned off from the café, and after the earthquakes we were forced to knock that wall down. This new open space soon turned into our beloved Addington Store that we know and love today. And we've got to say - we're pretty stoked with how it has all turned out.

If you've been into the café or browsed our store you'll know Bruce - the tall store manager. Whether it's giving stamps to kids or selling you one of his favourite books, he's around and always keen for a chat - the Addington Store would not be what it is without him!

We love ethical, local and eco goods. We believe that you can vote with your dollar - and so we've tried to make our small space full of wonderful goods that in turn, do good!

To go a step further we redistribute our profits to transform communities in Kolkata who have been damaged by human-trafficking & extreme poverty. 


Our place is yours. 

Come on in and say hi!